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what is a DabTab?
A DabTab is a brand new way to consume cannabis concentrates/extracts. DabTabs offer a clean, easy, convenient way to vaporize cannabis concentrates/extracts while retaining the full-flavor, full-spectrum of the plant without combustion.

what are DabTabs made out of?
DabTabs are made from a natural mineral based ceramic, which is engineered to hold a specific volume of cannabis concentrates/extracts. The material is completely inert and has been certified to NSF/ASTM 61 as a media pure enough to be used in drinking water filtration.

what do I do with the DabTab once it is empty?
We offer a "Go Green" program for DabTabs. Each participating dispensary will be provided with a recycle container designed specifically for DabTabs. If that is not convenient for you, DabTabs are made from ceramic, which is a naturally occurring mineral. If you choose, you could integrate them with your soil to act as a perlite.
Keep out of reach of Children.
For use only by adults 21 years of age or older.