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A Guide to Dabbing For the Beginner

DabTabs May 11, 2019 0 comments

Dabbing is considered one of the most popular ways to engage with concentrates, extracts, and CBD. Dabbing culture, devices and methods have evolved as the industry continues on the path to normalization and new technology is researched and developed.

Simply defined, dabbing is the flash vaporization of a concentrate, extract, or CBD that is placed on a hot surface to vaporize and inhale. At first, dabbing with traditional tools can seem like a daunting process – but with practice, and employing the use of new technologies and devices, it has become easier than ever.


What to Expect When Dabbing

While the types, potencies and consistencies will vary with all concentrates, extracts, and CBD, bear in mind that a little bit often goes a long way. Starting off with smaller doses is highly recommended, as concentrates, extracts, and CBD are much more potent than their original starting material.

Inhaling too much vaporized concentrates, extracts, or CBD at once can sometimes lead to an overwhelming and unpleasant experience for beginners. Properly dosing concentrate is a delicate process, and up until now, has not been an exact science. DabTabs brand dablets are the first and only extract delivery system that has been independently lab certified to hold a specific volume of extract, giving the consumer control over their intake.


Dabbing Terminology

If you are new to dabbing, following online tutorials or learning from someone more experienced is recommended. Each device is going to vary, but knowing about the tools involved will help any beginner gain a better understanding of the practice. Each tool will look and appear different based on design, but the basic dab rig setup includes the following:


Water pipe.

Water pipes can pretty universal tools for dabbing. You can take the glass bowl components out and replace them with dabbing attachments to turn your water pipe into a dab rig – these are often called dab nails or bangers.


Nail or Banger

Most bangers are made from quartz, but they can allow come in ceramic and titanium versions.


Carb Cap

This is the glass hood placed on top of the nail to contain the extract vapor into the banger/nail chamber after inserted onto the heated surface.



Most torches are fueled by either butane or propane. Torches will vary as far as their flame size, power and price. The torch is used to heat up the nail/banger to proper vaping temperatures. New flame-less devices used for dabbing are becoming available, but most people still use the torch method due to the low cost investment.


Dab Tool

This is the glass, metal, or ceramic tool used to apply a dab to the banger.


Dabbing For Beginners

The process in itself is fairly easy and varies by device. We recommend that you seek advice from an experienced dabber before you begin, or watch tutorials online. Watching someone dab is the best way to learn. They can show you how to use the device and provide tips on how to avoid mishaps.

Most beginners waste concentrates, extracts, and CBD due to taking dabs too cold or too hot, so finding a friend to help you will save you a lot of trouble. There are also numerous tutorials online that you may find helpful as well. Due to the potential waste factor, DabTabs are the newest solution to dosed, foolproof dabbing. We offer video dabbing tutorials with DabTabs for beginners here.


What Are DabTabs?

A DabTabs dosable dablet is a brand new way to enjoy cannabis concentrates and extracts. DabTabs brand dablets come pre-loaded with cannabis concentrate, helping reduce waste from packaging or user error.

They are made from a natural, mineral based ceramic, which is engineered to hold a specific volume of cannabis concentrates, extracts, or CBD. What makes us better than traditional dabs? DabTabs dablets allow you to vaporize a measured dose of concentrates, extracts, or CBD while providing all of the flavor of a “traditional dab” with far more convenience and less mess. A dablet holds the concentrates, extracts, or CBD within its porous core and is only released when it reaches the optimal vaping temperature of around 450°F or higher. This leaves dablets dry to the touch and allows for easy transportation and storage.