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frequently asked questions.

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What are DabTabs™ dablets?

DabTabs are a clean, convenient ceramic dablet made from biologically inert, natural minerals that contain full-spectrum concentrates and extracts without the need for thinners, thickeners, or other additives that can come with traditional cartridge delivery. 

What are DabTabs made out of?

DabTabs dablets are made in the USA from a natural, mineral-based ceramic.  Additionally, all minerals used in the ceramic are sourced in the USA . The resulting ceramic material is rigorously tested and certified

Are DabTabs dablets edible?

No, do not eat dablets.

What do I do with DabTabs™ when empty?

ilo offers a “Go Green” program for DabTabs dablets. Each participating retailer is provided with a recycle container designed specifically for DabTabs. If that is not convenient for you, DabTabs’ ceramic is made from naturally occurring minerals and may be repurposed as a soil amendment, similar to perlite.

How is each dose measured?

DabTabs are engineered to hold a specific volume of concentrates/extracts/CBD. Each dablet holds 50mg (1/20th of a gram). 10 dablets are equivalent to 1/2 gram (500mg) of concentrate/extract/CBD, and 20 dablets are equivalent to 1 gram (1000mg).

Do dablets dissolve?

No, dablets hold their original form from beginning to end. Dablets are just a container for concentrates/extracts/CBD. Once the concentrates/extracts/CBD have been vaporized, the dablet is then disposed of or recycled

What makes DabTabs dablets better than “traditional” dabs?

DabTabs allow you to vaporize concentrates/extracts/CBD providing all of the flavor of a “traditional dab” with more convenience and less mess. A dablet holds the concentrate/extract/CBD within its ceramic core and is only released when it reaches the optimal temperature. This leaves dablets dry to the touch and allows for easy transportation and storage.

What makes dablets better than “traditional” cartridges or pods systems?

With the rise in concerns related to the safety of vaporization, cannabis & hemp manufacturers, along with concerned consumers, are increasingly looking to DabTabs as an alternative to traditional cartridges.

By using DabTabs, cannabis extract and concentrate manufacturers are able to provide consumers with a clean, convenient, and rigorously tested alternative to cartridges.

DabTabs are a clean, convenient ceramic tablet made from biologically inert, natural minerals that contain full-spectrum concentrates and extracts without the need for thinners, thickeners, or other additives that can come with traditional cartridge delivery.

How do I know when the dablet is empty?

Typically, you will get three to four full draws from a single dablet. After the initial draws, you will notice the vapor begin to taper off. Throughout this process, the dablet will darken in color signifying that your session is complete or near complete.

Do I need to use a carb cap?

Yes, place the carb cap on immediately after dropping in the dablet, allowing the dablet itself to get up to its optimal temperature. Once your session is complete, use tweezers to remove the used dablet, as it will be VERY HOT to the touch.

What is the ideal temperature for using DabTabs dablets?

Between 450°-550° degrees Fahrenheit.

Do I need to worry about dablets leaking?

No, the concentrate/extract/CBD within the dablet will not release until activated by a heat source. Unlike traditional cartridges and pod systems, dablets can withstand high temperatures. For example, leaving them in your car will not cause your dablet to leak.

Do dablets need to be flat in my e-nail/banger?

Dablets work best flat, not on their side. Lying flat allows the dablet to heat evenly and more quickly than sideways. Once hot enough you will begin to see vapor escaping from within the dablet. In some instances, once the carb cap is on, the dablet will spin in a circular motion inside your bucket with each draw you take, this is OK!

What equipment do I need to use dablets?

Dablets work with a variety of devices. Please visit our Device Videos & Settings section for recommended devices, how-to videos, and settings.

How do I remove my used dablets?

Dablets can be VERY HOT after use! Once your dabbing session is complete the dablet will remain hot to the touch for a while, use tweezers to remove the used dablet from your device and place it on a heat-resistant surface until cooled.

Why are DabTabs dablets different colors?

  • New, empty DabTabs are a pure white color
  • The color of a filled dablet reflects the color of the concentrate/extract/CBD inside and will vary naturally
  • Used, empty DabTabs will be a darker shade of the filled color
  • A dark brown to black color indicates excessive heat was used. If you experience this, please see our Device Videos & Settings section for recommended devices, how-to videos, and settings

DabTabs dablet Certifications and Testing

  • The ceramic material used in DabTabs dablets has certified to the NSF/ASTM 61 standard for air and drinking water filtration and diffusion – certifying that the material is pure enough to be used in air and drinking water filtration and that it does not leach any material
  • Manufactured in a ISO 9001-2015 certified facility
  • ASTM C378-18 Certified to hold a volume of 0.05ml – equivalent to 50mg (1/20th of a gram) of extract or concentrate
  • DabTabs packaging is certified to the ASTM D3475-18 Standard for Child-Resistance
  • Tested and approved by the State of California for extracts and concentrates
  • Tested by accredited third-party labs to assure
    • a pure vapor stream (meaning nothing from the DabTab itself is present in the vapor stream)
    • that all materials are non-toxic and biologically inert

I usually take FAT DABS and 50mg is pretty small. Can I use more than one dablet at a time?

Yes, as long as you can lay the dablets flat against a heat source and give them enough time to activate you can vaporize multiple dablets at a time.

Do I need to flip the DabTab over to get everything out of it?

No, the unique heating properties of DabTabs’ ceramic provide for complete vaporization without flipping the DabTab over.

I have DabTabs and a device and I can’t get it to work!

We’re here to help! If you’re not finding an answer in the FAQ or the Device Videos & Settings section, please Contact Us [LINK] with info on what device you’re using and the issue you’re encountering. Our customer service team will reach out with specific tips for you.

Can I purchase empty DabTabs and fill them myself?

We only sell unfilled DabTabs to licensed cannabis or hemp extract manufacturers in states and countries where cannabis or hemp products are legal.

How are dablets infused with extracts or concentrates?

We have developed a proprietary process that allows dablets to be filled consistently and without terpene-destroying levels of heat or pressure.

What if I spilled my DabTabs on the carpet/floor?

Seriously though, gently wipe off anything they picked up on the floor and you should be good to go. The contents are contained within and protected by DabTabs’ ceramic matrix.