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frequently asked questions.

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What is a Dabtabs™ dablet?

A DabTab dosable dablet is a brand new way to consume concentrates/extracts/CBD. DabTabs dablets offer a clean, easy, convenient way to vaporize concentrates/extracts/CBD while retaining the full-flavor, full-spectrum without combustion.

What are DabTabs™ made out of?

DabTabs brand dablets are made from a natural mineral based ceramic, which is engineered to hold a specific volume of concentrates/extracts/CBD. The material is completely inert and has been certified to NSF/ASTM 61 as a media pure enough to be used in drinking water filtration.

Are dablets edible?

No, do not eat DabTabs.

What do I do with DabTabs™ when empty?

We offer a “Go Green” program for DabTabs dablets. Each participating dispensary will be provided with a recycle container designed specifically for DabTabs brand dablets. If that is not convenient for you, DabTabs dosable dablets are made from ceramic, which is a naturally occurring mineral. If you choose, you could integrate them with your soil to act as a perlite.

How is each dose measured?

DabTabs are engineered to hold a specific volume of concentrates/ extracts/CBD. Each dablet is 50mg (1/20th of a gram). 10 dablets are equivalent to 1/2 gram of concentrate/extract/CBD and 20 dablets is equivalent to 1 gram of concentrate/extract/CBD.

Do dablets dissovle?

No, dablets hold their original form from beginning to end. Dablets are just a container for concentrates/extracts/CBD. Once the concentrates/extracts/CBD have been vaporized from within, the dablet is then disposed of.

What makes dablets better than “traditional” dabs?

Dablets allow you to vaporize concentrates/extracts/CBD providing all of the flavor of a “traditional dab” with far more convenience and less mess. A dablet holds the concentrate/extract/CBD within its core and is only released when it reaches the optimal temperature of 450°F or higher. This leaves dablets dry to the touch and allows for easy transportation and storage.

How do I know when the dablet is empty?

Typically you can get two to three full draws from a single dablet. After the first initial draws, you will notice the vapor begin to taper off. Throughout this process, the dablet will darken in color signifying that your session is complete or near complete.

Do I need to use a carb cap?

Yes, place the carb cap on immediately after dropping in the dablet, allowing the dablet itself to get up to its optimal temperature. Once your session is complete, use the tweezers to remove the used dablet, as it will be VERY HOT to the touch.

What is the ideal temperature for using dablets?

Between 450°-550° degrees Fahrenheit.

Do I need to worry about dablets leaking?

No, the concentrate/extract/CBD within the dablet will not release until activated by a heat source. Unlike traditional forms of extracts like shatter and wax, dablets can withstand high temperatures, for example, leaving them in your car will not cause your dablet to leak.

Do dablets need to be flat in my e-nail/banger?

The dablet works best flat, and not on its side because the heat doesnʼt spread as evenly. Once hot enough you will begin to see vapor escaping from within the dablet. In some instances, once the carb cap is on, the dablet will spin in a circular motion inside your bucket with each draw you take, this is OK!

What equipment do I need to use dablets?

While dablets are a new product to the market, they are compatible with multiple rigs/vaporizers already on the market. As long as heat settings reach upwards of 450° degrees Fahrenheit and the dablet fits correctly in the device, you are ready to begin vaping. Check out our favorite 6 devices on our home page!

How do I remove my dablets?

Dablets are VERY HOT! Once your dabbing session is complete the dablet will remain hot to the touch for a while, use tweezers to remove the used dablet from your device.

Why are dablets different colors?

The color of the dablet reflects the color of the concentrate/extract/ CBD they are filled with.