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device settings.


It’s easy, if you do it right. We recommened cold-starting for optimal, controlled results!


step 1.

Tap button 5 times to turn on device

step 2.

Tap button 3 times to cycle through heat settings (Blue = Low, Green = Medium, Red = High)

step 3.

Unscrew mouthpiece

step 4.

Place dablet flat in chamber

step 5.

Screw mouthpiece back onto the device

step 6.

Tap button 2 times to begin pre-heat cycle

step 7.

Press & hold power button. Draw slowly and enjoy!

How to know when the dablet has been fully vaporized: the coloration of the dablet will be similar to a toasted marshmallow. If the dablet has turned black, you may have applied too much heat by drawing for too long.

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