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DabTabs Go + Väri Battery by ilo

It’s easy, if you do it right.
We recommened cold-starting for optimal, controlled results!

step 1.

Unscrew the mouthpiece from the DabTabsTM Go and place the dablet flat in the chamber, re-screw the mouthpiece back onto the Go

step 2.

Screw on the DabTabs™ Go to the Väri Battery

step 3.

Keeping the battery upright, gently tap the heat setting panel 5 times to turn the battery on

step 4.

Tap 3 more times to cycle through the settings, we recommend red for optimal vaporization

step 5.

Begin inhaling slowly to heat up the chamber and release

step 6.

Draw for 5-7 seconds and enjoy! Continue to inhale as much as needed to produce more vapor.

step 7.

Allow dablet to cool before disposing

How to know when the dablet has been fully vaporized: the coloration of the dablet will be similar to a toasted marshmallow. If the dablet has turned black, you may have applied too much heat by drawing for too long.

DabTabs Go + Väri Battery by ilo

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