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device settings.


This device is an Indirect Ceramic – a device where the vaporizable product is heated in a way where it is never exposed to the direct heat source.


step 1.

Choose your heat setting: green for flavor, red for clouds. Double-tap to begin 20 sec. heat cycle

step 2.

Wait between 10-15 seconds to drop in dablet

step 3.

After device vibrates, double-tap to start another heat cycle

step 4.

Drop in dablet so it lays flat and carb cap immediately

step 5.

Wait a few seconds for first inhale

step 6.

Continue to double-tap as needed to produce more vapor

step 7.

Inhale and enjoy!

step 8.

Allow dablet to cool before disposing

How to know when the dablet has been fully vaporized: the coloration of the dablet will be similar to a toasted marshmallow. If the dablet has turned black, you may have applied too much heat by drawing for too long.

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