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What Are Cannabis Extracts and How are They Consumed?

DabTabs May 11, 2019 0 comments

Anyone who keeps up with the news knows that cannabis is a trending topic. Concentrates and extracts are prominent themes in mainstream news outlets, with CBD oil quickly becoming a popular endorsement by both homeopathic practitioners and alternative health advocates. Most people have heard about cannabis concentrates and extracts, but not everybody knows what they are or how they’re made.

Cannabis is used for a variety of reasons across a wide swath of industries – from producing hemp fiber for clothing and raw materials, to the extraction of THC and CBD extracts and concentrates for use in everything from skin care to dietary supplements. You’ll find cannabis and hemp derived extracts and concentrates in hundreds of products, and not necessarily all in a dispensary.


What Are Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis concentrates are products made from the cannabis plant that have been processed to retain only the most desirable plant compounds, known as cannabinoids. The body possesses an endocannabinoid system of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters that help regulate a variety of physiological processes.

When cannabis is extracted, all of the plant material and impurities are removed with various techniques involving the use of solvents, heat, pressure, or a combination. Cannabis concentrates have an increased, or concentrated, amount of cannabinoids as compared to plant’s flower in its natural state.


How Are Cannabis Extracts Used?

Cannabis concentrate products can be ingested outright or inhaled through vaporization. Inhaling heated cannabis extract vapor is a process known as ‘dabbing’. Dabbing concentrates generally requires the use of dedicated equipment, such as dab rigs, modified water pipes or specialized devices.

Dabbing has become one of the most popular methods of consumption in today’s market – providing consumers with an exponentially efficient way to deliver cannabinoids to the body quicker and more effectively in comparison to traditional smoking. However, dabbing presents its own set of problems to the consumer. Extracts for inhalation are purchased by weight, but do not offer measured dosing. Consumers have to estimate their consumption and intoxication based on their tolerance and prior experience.

Additionally, extracts are generally viscous and sticky, requiring extra care from consumers to keep from wasting the product by using special tools and packaging, and can be easily under or over-heated, wasting much of the original product in the process of consumption. DabTabs™ dablets are a revolutionary new way to vaporize and ‘dab’ extracts that provide an exact measured-dose option to consumers looking for more control over their experience.


What are DabTabs™ dablets?

DabTabs™ dablets offer a clean and convenient way to vaporize extracts while retaining the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes available within the original extraction. The dablets are made from a natural mineral-based porous ceramic, designed to hold a specific volume of concentrate/extract.  Dablets stay dry to the touch, while holding exactly 50 milligrams of liquid cannabis or hemp extract inside their sponge-like matrix. Dablets can be used with a variety of traditional and modern dab rigs and devices, such as dab rigs, enails, and portable vaporizers. The dablet does not dissolve – once it reaches around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it releases the concentrate and produces vapor. Once all vapor has been released, the dablet turns a dark brown color and can be discarded or recycled.


What are in DabTabs™ dablets?

The highly pure ceramic material used in DabTabs is inert, meaning it’s motionless and does not leach chemicals into the environment when introduced to soil. DabTabs contain nothing except the original extract and the properties therein – no additives or fillers are used when filling them with extract. Dablet material has been certified to NSF/ASTM 61 standards as a media pure enough to be used in drinking water filtration devices. Dablets are filled with extraction provided by various filling partners in state-regulated dispensaries with medical and recreational programs.


Where do I find DabTabs™ dablets?

DabTabs™ dablets can currently be purhcased in Oregon, Nevada, Maryand and California dispensaries underneath several cannabis brands, with more processor brands, compatible devices and state launches on the way. Check out our store locator to find the shop nearest you. Follow our Instagram to stay up to date about new product and state launches!